Work Place Mediation

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Tips for using mediation to avoid work place conflict:

Managers must recognise the danger posed by conflict that leads to litigation and work to avoid it by hiring a mediator. If managers become embroiled in litigation they must manage the process effectively with the help of a mediator. You can limit the damage potential conflict and litigation can cause to your organisation by using mediation and following these eight tips:

1. Pay attention to weaknesses in your business structure and potential conflict situations with clients and employees.

2. Ask a mediator to conduct a regular conflict audit of your business.

3. Defuse situations where litigation is threatened with the help of a mediator

4. Hire mediators that complement your business, negotiation and management style. 

5. Clearly instruct your mediator to resolve disputes by negotiation in a timely, cost effective manner.

6. Be proactive as your mediation progresses - hold regular meetings to assess your conflict resolution strategy.

7. Control your costs by understanding the cost benefit of mediation and having clear communications with your mediator in relation to the calculation of fees

8. Implement changes post mediation to minimise the likelihood of a similar situation arising in the future.


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