Family Mediation

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If you require the services of a family mediator and wish to avail of a private service, our colleague Rachel Fehily, 087-2620482 is our recommended solution. Rachel has a background as a barrister, but don't let that put you off! She is a very experienced hands-on operator, who can work with you on premediation, mediation itself, parenting plans, financial settlements or simply individual or couples support in a confidential safe setting.

To share her expertise in the area Rachel has written extensively about the subject matter, Her books are regarded as the definite authority and source of information on the subject in Ireland. They are based on her extensive experience of working with individuals and couples to support them through what can be a very, very difficult and lonely time for them. We include some information below covering certain areas where we think people may benefit from these resources. We recommend you engage with Rachel as an initial step in dealing with any relationship breakdown or family mediation matter. 

  1. Children: We get a lot of queries on guardianship, custody and access. As you may be aware for married couples they automatically have joint guardianship of their children. Custody is who has the physical caring of the children and access is often for one or both of the spouses. For unmarried parties currently the mother has sole guardianship.
  2. Parenting Plan. A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their children after separation or divorce. It is a voluntary agreement drawn up between both parents. We recommend this as the best solution to avoid courts and to cater for the changes life throws at you. We find that the Department of Justice Canada have published an excellent parenting plan tool which is available here.  A parenting plan covers such items as schools, religion, healthcare and is focused on the specific needs of your child. An excellent reference is Parenting Agreement That Works, by Mimi Lyster Zemmelmanm also available on Kindle. 
  3. Review of parenting plan – a parenting plan is a live document which changes over time, we suggest that for children under 4 years that the parenting plan is reviewed each year, from 4 to 12 years that it is reviewed every 2 years and after 12 years of age as an when required.
  4. If you are preparing for Mediation we recommend you keep in mind the following :
    1. Focus on your children
    2. Minimise conflict
    3. Handle your anger
    4. Be positive
    5. Be informed
  5. Lastly we suggest you read the Bill of Rights for Children of Separation or Divorce which may assist you with an overall framework in your desire to do the best for your children in what can be difficult situations.

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