Assisted Negotiation

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Are you unfamilar or uncomfortable with the term "mediation"?

Do you have a dispute with which you require advice or assistance or both? As part of our assisted negotiation service we work with one or both parties, often as an agent of reality.

Do you need assistance with bank debt discussions, shareholder disputes in a private company?  legal or employment  case resolution etc?  In all our mediations or assisted negotiations we work  in conjunction with you and your legal team. 

Would you be happy to deal with someone who has a 100% success rate in  mediations and assisted negotiations since January 2013, and who delivers a cost effective solution?

Would you be more comfortable using the term "assisted negotiation" where someone acts as an independant agent of reality to one or both sides. 

  • Oftentimes we find that when dealing with one or the other parties in an Irish context, the parties are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the term  "mediation" .
  • It is helpful to one or both sides to view some mediations as more of an assisted negotiation. Some of our recent cases involving shareholder disputes, bank debt mediation and indeed  revenue negotiations are more in the nature of assisting one or both parties deal with what for them can be a very stressful and difficult period of their business life.
  • Do you want something simple, practical and that works for you and the other side to deal with your dispute?

If so, try our service of assisted negotiation. We have a policy of not charging for any initial consultation or meeting. We have a 100% success rate in our mediations and in Q3 of 2013 to date we have successfully completed 2 mediations thus far, a shareholder dispute and an unfair dismissal.

Contact us at or +353 83 4263078 for further information about our assisted negotiation package.

Assisted negotiations

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